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«February 2021»

FPSU Switches to Fiber Optics

FPSU Switches to Fiber Optics

Another Giant Stride by the National Coordinator

A person sitting at a tableDescription automatically generatedThe National Coordinator of CSDP, Dr. Abdulkarim Obaje, in his bid to face the new technology realities posed by the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic, has initiated a Fiber Optics Internet in the entire Federal Project Support Unit of CSDP, which now gives a clear and fast internet connection sufficient for hosting Virtual Meetings, live Webinars, online Monitoring and Evaluation and even Interviews.

With this new achievement, the entire CSDP Operations including remote monitoring is now easily achievable online.

The National Coordinator listed the gains that will be associated with the upgrade of the Internet Facility, our Geo-Information systems will become more reliable and Remote Monitoring can be carried out with ease, he stressed.

On the COVID 19 crises that have engaged Organisations to seek other ways of keeping afloat, the NC confirmed that CSDP has been fully involved in the ongoing Response program of the Federal government against the Virus pandemic, and then switching to Fiber Optics means more leverage on the Video Conferencing platform of Microsoft SharePoint Teams and Webex Applications respectively.

The National Coordinator, Dr. Obaje was more emphatic on the mandate of CSDP concerning the Poor and Vulnerable. In his words "the fate of the Poor and Vulnerable at this time is our singular concern, Federal Ministry of Humanitarian, Disaster Management and Social Development, National Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO) Nigeria has deployed our structures nationwide, over 10,000 staff trained in Social Safeguard and Psychosocial support have been put in a state of Readiness to assist in the ongoing COVID 19 Response in Nigeria. What we are initiating, is a Coordinated Strategy called Disconnecting COVID 19 Community Transmission. CSDP has developed a formal Community Response Plan to cater for different Communities with Cultural and Traditional Diversities, with a database of Community Assets that can be converted and utilized for COVID 19 Community Transmission Phase."

CSDP has been on SharePoint Online Technology for some time now, with the installation of our Fiber Optics, which is the fastest available conduit for Data transmission; connection with the state offices will be seamless and without bottlenecks of connection breaking or latency.


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