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«February 2021»

CSDP in Readiness as COVID 19 initiates Community Transmission

CSDP in Readiness as COVID 19 initiates Community Transmission

State Agencies trained in various Mitigation and Preparedness Procedures

Towards the race against time, to prevent the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic from making its was into the Vulnerable communities, CSDP has strategized on how best to tackle the Psychosocial component of Disaster Management at the Poor and Vulnerable level in the Communities.
Consequently, the National Coordinator of CSDP, Dr. Abdulkarim Obaje has authorized all the State Agencies (CSDAs) under CSDP to carry out Psycho Social Support (PSS) activities during the Community Transmission Phase of the Pandemic
To buttress this fact, the Federal Project Support Unit, Headquarters of CSDP have arranged several online Refresher training for all Project Officers on Gender & Vulnerable (G&V) starting on Friday, 15 May, 2020.  
The Management of CSDP has proposed a toll free helpline service for all the State Agencies, the idea is that each Agency needs a single toll free help line to respond to enquiries not only on Psychosocial Support but on overall project activities.
What is Community Transmission?
In explaining why the Community Transmission stage is crucial, the National Coordinator detailed; “there are four stages of the pandemic. The first stage is people who are affected have a foreign travel history which they have been to an affected country. 
The second stage is the local transmission stage, meaning the people who have it through a foreign travel history and contracted the Virus gets transmitted to other people who do not have a travel history; usually families and friends. Note that this stage is very easy to trace and quarantine the affected people. 
The third stage are people who do not have any travel history and have not come in close contact with a confirmed infected person. This source of infection is usually untraceable, and it is very difficult to control. This is the Community Transmission stage, happening at the communities where the poor and vulnerable people live.
The final stage is simple, the virus has entered a community and the sources are untraceable and its impact is uncontrollable
CSDP is committed to providing Mitigation efforts at the Community Transmission stage through Advocacy/Sensitization, and Preparedness through providing critical assets of CSDP for use by the officials charged with the responsibility of Containing, Isolating and treatment of infected persons.

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